Awadh Art Festival is a contemporary art fair and an initiative to promote talented and seasoned artists by providing them a versatile exhibition space from where they can come into direct contact of art buyers, art galleries, art connoisseurs and all other constituents of art market.

The specialty of this event is that  it is designed to  move art out of elite circles and make it affordable enough for the common man. This event is open to all artists, trained as well as self-taught, nationally and internationally and will go beyond all conventional barriers and seek to recognize and encourage excellence, particularly in its uniqueness of vision.


  1. Sell art works to help artists.
  2. Recognize and promote National and International artists.
  3. Introduce international art to the rich Indian market.
  4. Promote Creativity and excellence in the field of Art nationally and internationally.
  5. Recognize and promote differently abled artists.
  6. Involving general public to participate in the acquisition of works of art.
  7. Provide artistic opportunities to lesser known talented artists.
  8. Promote Art & Cultural Tourism in India.


  • AAF 1stYear – 2019 (28th Jan to 3rd Feb 2019) Space sponsored by Govt college of Arts & Crafts, Lucknow & supported by U.P. Tourism. 28 Artists participated from Delhi, Maharashtra and U.P. We promoted 17 artists. Total sale of Art work 4.
  • AAF 2ndYear – 2020 (26th Feb to 3rd March 2020) at Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow & supported by Jaipur Art Summit, Bengal Art Foundation, Khanam Arts, Lions Club Dist 321B1, Oudh Gymkhana, Lucknow. 56 Artists Participated from Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Assam, Bengal, Bangalore and U.P. We promoted 32 artists. Total sale of Art work 8 and 6 orders.
  • 1st Online Exhibition – (1st June to 10th June 2020) Exposition Virtuelle –. It was especially organized only to support artist who were suffering during Covid 19 pandemic due to jobs loss.
  • International Collector’s Art Fair – (1st to 10th October 2020)– Objective is to reach the artworks directly to the art buyers and collectors, builders, architects, agents etc.
  • AAF 3rd Year – 2021 (26th Feb to 4th March 2019) at AIFACS, New Delhi supported by Sitaram Stationers and Sawansukha. Chief Guest: Ms. Rubina Karode and Ms. Isabelle Rias, Cultural Attache of Embassy of France. 106 Artists Participated from Delhi, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Assam, Bengal, Bangalore and U.P. 40 artist amongst them were eminent. Total sale of Art work 8 and 6 Orders.